To leave our industry better than we found it.

GCX is a licensed general contractor serving Southern California and specializing in commercial construction. GCX was founded with the belief that we can leave our industry better than we found it. Creating an environment where employees, clients, and our communities are honorably represented and treated with dignity and fairness. Providing an elevated experience to all stakeholders is a standard which GCX continually improves upon. GCX provides an environment where people can advance learning, deepen collaboration, make lasting relationships, and build the best projects.

From planning through construction and beyond, what we do maximizes function far more than assembling raw infrastructure & custom finishes – We build environments to inspire: to work & create with passion; to eat & exercise with virtue; to shop with joy; and to live & learn in wellness. Why?  GCX is boldly willing to go above & beyond in order to leave this industry & our community better than we found it. So as we launch into the uncharted terrain of every partnership, we ask:  

What are you building for?  Let’s explore how GCX can get you there.

Meet the Founders

Principal / Managing Partner
Principal / Managing Partner


It’s never too early to begin tracking your project: cost and schedule are just the beginning, let’s identify all the variables to protect & enhance your goals. Let us assist you and your team with Construction Budgeting (including Rough Order of Magnitudes), Alternates and Value Engineering, Scheduling and Phasing Options, and Procurement Methods.


This is where vision and planning start to become reality. Let us spearhead Bidding and Buy-out, Shop Drawings and Submittals (including Design-Assistance), Procurement, Layout and Coordination. We promote a heavy amount of pre-con time and effort to drive the greatest value for your project, and to protect the critical path.


Now the fun begins. We will support you and your project with dedicated Project Management, Site Supervision and Management, Coordination with Owner and Landlord Vendors, Quality Control and Inspections. Our full-service approach exceeds industry standards, promotes collaboration, and is solution driven throughout the entire process.


The closeout process starts at the beginning; and will include project training and turnover, closeout packages and warranty management. Our transparency policy encourages you to call on us anytime with questions and needs.


At GCX, we believe in creating a collaborative, supportive, and inclusive work environment. We encourage our employees to learn and grow, and we provide opportunities for professional development and advancement. We value open communication, and we prioritize honesty, respect, and integrity in all of our interactions. We work hard to create a culture where everyone feels valued and appreciated, and where we can all contribute to making a positive impact on our industry and our community.

Let's Build Together